Youth Clinics

Every Sunday in January

  • Jan 8th from 9:30a to Noon
  • Jan 15th from 1p to 3:30p
  • Jan 22nd from 9:30a to Noon
  • Jan 29th from 9:30a to Noon

$100 per session or $350 for all four 

Clinics are run by Beimel Elite Athletics Staff, including professional catcher Robby Barham and professional pitcher Jack Weinberger. These clinics mimic the Major League training protocols at Beimel Elite Athletics. Throughout the four weeks, players learn proper dynamic warm-ups, arm care routines, throwing programs, hitting skills, pitching mechanics, fielding technique and the mental side of the game.

The facility features cutting edge technology:

  • Hit Trax
  • Stalker Pro Radar Guns
  • Arm Care App
  • Rapsodo Pitch Tracker
  • Slow-mo video

The tech will identify each kid’s strengths and weaknesses to arm you with the information that you need to become a better ballplayer. And each clinic will always end with a fun competition.

To Register

Call or Text Jack Weinberger

(603) 504-5747

Email Jack Weinberger

Payment in cash, card or Venmo can be made at the facility the day of the clinic


Beimel Elite Athletics 

3400 Kashiwa St

Torrance, CA 90505 [MAP]