Pitch Tracking

Joe Beimel himself went from throwing 88 MPH during a 13-year MLB career to throwing 95 MPH at the age of 45 (which got hime signed to Triple-A with the Padres six years after retiring from the Majors). He defied father time with the help of pitch tracking.

Edgertronic High-Speed Camera

The Edgertronic is instrumental in Major League pitch design. The camera is capable of shooting in ultra slow motion at 17,000 frames per second to show every detail of your mechanics and release. Slow motion video of this magnitude can reveal flaws in your delivery and instruct ways to throw new and unique pitches.

Rapsodo, Trackman & Stalker Radar Guns

Rapsodo and Trackman, both available for use at Beimel Elite Athletics, have helped usher in a new era of pitching. Terms like spin rate, spin axis and true spin were developed by these pitch tracking technologies and are now mentioned by college coaches and pro scouts nationwide. These machines show you exactly how your ball spins, breaks and crosses the plate. And the technologies have objectified pitching. You can now stack your spin rates up against the best to see where you stand with Major League greats.

Pitch A.I. & Professional Coaching

Our professional coaches have a keen eye for mechanical movements. We can see where you feet, knees, hips and shoulders move through space to evaluate your mechanics. But we also use a technology called Pitch AI to highlight these movements for you to better understand your own mechanics. Years of professional baseball experience collide with the latest science drive technologies to deliver the best results at Beimel Elite Athletics.