Catcher Training & Fielding

Baseball features three basic skills – throwing, hitting and catching the ball – and each of these skills is equally important. Throwing and hitting have enjoyed a revolution with technology and exercise science, but that doesn’t mean you should lose focus on catching the ball no matter what position you play. After all, you won’t be able to show off your new velocity if you’re a liability in the field.

Evaluation of Skill Set

Throwing and hitting have metrics. Your velocity and power can be measured by new technology. But it is more difficult to know just where you stand with your catching abilities. Beimel Elite Athletics employs professional catchers to evaluate your skill set beyond your simple pop time. Catching is a lost art, and you’ll be taught to set up the perfect target for each type of pitcher, frame pitches for the umpire and how to move your feet to maximize your command of the field.

Receiving, Blocking, Throwing & Footwork

The catcher is the leader of the defensive field. It’s the only position that allows you to see the entire field of play and puts you in constant communication with everyone on the team. You’re flashing signals to the pitcher to call the game and to your fielders to position their defense in pressure situations. You’re in charge.

Professional Coaching

The co-founder of Beimel Elite Athletics is longtime professional catcher Brent Dean. He has a passion for the unmeasurable talents of a catcher, and he makes sure that you get the proper instruction when it comes to receiving, blocking, throwing and footwork.

Catchers need to see the entire picture. One of the most important aspects of that vision is knowing who is on the mound. What’s the makeup of the pitcher, what kind of target the pitcher likes, and the catcher must know the fill arsenal of pitches to call the game. This dictates how you set a target and how you receive the ball to frame a pitch.

Framing can dictate a win or a loss. Knowing how to set the target with a certain pitch can have you stealing strike calls from the umpire. And you’ll need to know how to set your feet in order to receive while setting yourself up for the best pop times possible.

Fielding Skills

These skills are difficult to measure. Catching the ball, no matter you position, can’t be captured by the Rapsodo, Trackman or Hit Trax. It’s a skill that must be developed with the help of a professional coach using years of experience, and you’ll find these experienced coaches at Beimel Elite Athletics.