At Beimel Elite Athletics, recovery is as important as exercise because it’s a part of the workout process. If you can recover quickly from your workouts, then you’ll have the energy and capacity to workout more. This process of training-recover-repeat yields the biggest results. So, before or after your workout, take advantage of the many recovery tools at Beimel Elite Athletics to stay limber, fresh and explosive.

You’ll find the array of recovery devices in our darkened recovery room equipped with zero gravity chairs and padded trainers tables. Use the devices yourself (after being taught proper use) or allow our trainers to guide you through the day’s recovery techniques.


Normatec is a pneumatic device that alleviates lactic acid from the muscles. Strap on the arm sleeve or pull on the Normatec pants and plug in. You’ll feel the device use air to compress your muscles. The program pulses and moves to reduce inflammation over a pre-programmed 20 minutes. And you can lay yourself down on the trainers tables while unwinding after a hard workout in a darkened recovery room.

Arm Care Program

Your arm is carefully warmed up at Beimel Elite Athletics so that it can handle the rigors of training and throwing. Then, after the day’s work is done, you’ll be guided through a series of arm care cool down exercises that will strengthen and lengthen your throwing arm while rushing blood to the area for recovery. You’ll use exercise bars, plyocare balls, rebounder mini trampolines, kettlebells and Crossover Symmetry bands to ensure your arm recovers to get you throwing aggressively and safely as quickly as possible.

Infrared Light Therapy

Proven to increase testosterone levels, infrared light therapy can be used before or after a hard workout. Or, you can simply come into the facility to use the therapy on an off-day. The infrared light is invisible to the naked eye, but the panel lights up red to highlight where the therapy is directed. The infrared energy penetrates the skin and muscles to excite the powerhouses of each of your cells. Your mitochondria come to life to produce more energy which can pump you up for a workout or help accelerate recovery after a grueling day in the weight room.


Lay down in the darkened recovery room and let our trainers cup your sore muscles. Plastic “cups” are suctioned onto the skin which draws deep, dark blood to the surface through the sore muscle. The soreness is flushed out with oxygen rich blood regenerates damaged tissue.

Cold Tub

The cold tub is a mental and physical challenge, and we take pride in challenging ourselves at Beimel Elite Athletics. The water is kept in the 40-degree range so even dipping a toe under the surface can take your breath away. Start by trying to submerge yourself for just a few second. The next day, try a minute. Eventually, you’ll get up to four minutes for full therapeutic benefits. Your mind is focused on the now as you deal with the discomfort which slowly fades away. Then, you’ll emerge from the bath with more energy than you can imagine while the inflammation in your body is subdued.

PEMF Treatment

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy treats your body’s cells like a battery. After a hard workout, your cell’s batteries are depleted. PEMF Therapy sends waves of electromagnetic energy through the body to recharge your cells. This non-invasive procedure restores energy through your body’s own ability to increase electrolytes and ions.

Hypervice, Massage Guns, Foam Rollers & Psoas Release

The darkened recovery room is filled with devices for pre- and post-workout soft tissue work. Loosen up your muscles to command complete range of motion on the mound before live at-bats or lengthen the muscles after a challenging day of speed work. The room is available to you even on off days, so take advantage of Beimel Elite Athletic’s pro-level equipment; the same equipment you’d find in a professional baseball trainer’s room.

Nutritional & Recovery Guidelines

Our trainers are well educated and certified, and they can guide you through optimal recovery routines that you can take home with you. You’ll be advised on the proper nutrition, hydration and sleep protocols to ensure that you get the most out of your time at Beimel Elite Athletics.