Live At-bats

Joe Beimel isn’t the only pro walking through the doors of Beimel Elite Athletics. Major Leaguers like Joey Votto and Lucas Giolitto have trained at the facilities. And the equipment, resources and workouts attract droves of minor leaguers during the off-season.

The cages at Beimel Elite Athletics can be set up for live at-bats against pro pitchers and hitters. The Rapsodo can track the pitches while the Hit Trax scans the swings. A big-screen TV shows the exact outcome of any batted ball, so innings can be played with base hits, double plays and homeruns at virtual stadiums like Fenway or Wrigley.

You might be lucky enough to face a pro or you could witness two MLB players facing off inside the cages. And the energy is electric during live at-bats. The facility grows hot, players are sweating and the crowd roars with every swing.

Simply put – it’s the best way to get ready for the excitement of a season.