Biomechanical Assessment

Intake Interview

You’ll sit down with one of the head trainers at Beimel Elite Athletics upon your first visit to discuss your personal goals. And Beimel Elite Athletics has a scientifically sound roadmap to achieve those goals whether you are a pitcher, catcher or position player striving to achieve that travel team, varsity, college or pro level. 

Take notice of the players working out and the signs on the walls as you walk in for your interview. Major League greats train here and they all compete against each other to achieve facility records for strength, explosiveness and velocity. And you’re about to join them.

Physical Assessment

Baseball training at Beimel Elite Athletics is tailored to your goals, body and level of fitness. A trainer will assess your stability, mobility, joint integrity, strength, explosiveness, speed and flexibility on day one. Staff at Beimel Elite Athletics will then use their 50+ years of professional baseball experience to program your training. 

The trainers at Beimel Elite Athletics are your resource. They’ll ensure that you understand and believe in your programming. Be proactive and ask questions. There is a reason behind every movement in the program and your deeper understanding will expedite your transformation as a baseball player.

Baseball Training Science

Don’t listen to the noise. There are a lot of opinions about baseball training out there. Unfortunately, a lot of that information has been proven false by experience and science. You only have so many hours to commit to training, so don’t waste your time on programs that don’t work. 

Baseball training science continues to evolve. Players are throwing, running and hitting harder than ever, and Beimel Elite Athletics it at the forefront of this evolution. The program you receive, tailored to your body and ability, is guaranteed to see results. You just have to commit.

Personalized Programming

You’ll be challenged during your first day of training. That’s because your program will address your weaknesses. If you lack hip mobility during the screening, then you’ll be addressing that weakness with a comprehensive hip mobility routine so that you can perform your best. And in order to perform your best, you’ll need to step outside of your comfort zone.

And just as you get used to the routine, the program will shift to keep you challenged.

There is a basic structure that your personal program will follow. You’ll spend your first weeks forging a foundation of static strength so that you can safely and progressively build a body full of explosive speed. And you’ll be gaining velocity, shoulder stability and full-body mobility in the process.