Throwing, Pitching & Velocity Development

The average fastball in the Major Leagues has jumped to 93+ MPH. The average fastball in the minor leagues is even higher. Soon, scouts predict that you’ll have to sit 100 MPH to be drafted. Everyone on the field, no matter what position you play, is throwing harder due to advances in exercise science, and Beimel Elite Athletics is at the cutting edge of this revolution.

Plyocare Arm Strengthening

We use small medicine balls of varying weights to strengthen the throwing muscles in your arm and shoulder. You’ll go through a near-daily routine of throwing these plyocare balls at short ranges into a wall or net. The routine not only strengthens the arm over time, but it warms the arm and body up for the day’s workout.

Weighted Ball Throwing Program

You might have seen viral videos of professional pitchers grunting as they run and throw with every ounce of energy into their body at a radar gun. Velocities can read upwards of 110 MPH. These pitchers weren’t born that way. They earned those jawdropping velocities with a careful and measured weighted ball throwing program. You’ll find similar programs at Beimel Elite Athletics.

Arm Care & Recovery

Beimel Elite Athletics puts you on a graduated throwing program that takes care of your arm. You’ll perform daily movements with an exercise bar, plyocare medicine balls, wrist weights, rebounders with a mini trampoline and recovery movements with Crossover Symmetry Bands. The band work will strengthen the scapular muscles and rotator cuff to bulletproof your arm.

Biomechanical Evaluation & Pitch A.I.

All the arm care in the world won’t stop an injury if your mechanics are flawed. Beimel Elite Athletics employs a host of professional pitching coaches that use Pitch AI to evaluate your mechanics. The coaches use years of professional experience to tweak your movements while the Pitch AI tracker gives science-based feedback to iron out any kinks. And when you move better, you throw harder while avoiding injury.