Daily Routine (What to Expect)

A shared goal exists at Beimel Elite Athletics – to squeeze every bit of potential out of the body. 

There’s a certain camaraderie that forms when a group shares a common goal, so you’ll be greeted by new friends everytime you enter the facility. After the fist bumps and “What’s Ups,” it’s time to embrace the grind.

SMR: Self‐myofascial Release

Head to the darkened recovery room, pick your favorite muscle loosening device and get to work. You can choose a massage gun, psoas release device, hypervice or a good old fashioned foam roller. You’ll want to run the foam roller over each of your body parts – legs, back and arms – at least three times to prime them for explosive movements.

A lot of guys chat while getting the muscles prepped. Others put in headphones to get in the zone. But one this is certain – you’ll eventually find the perfect muscle prep routine that works for you.

Muscle Activation

Head on out into the gym and grab a resistance band to start activating the muscles in your body. Slowly, you’ll bring the muscles in your legs and hips to life in order to perform explosive movements.

You’ll then go through an active warmup routine that lengthens the muscles to increase active mobility for the session. At this point, you may begin to break a bit of a sweat, but you haven’t even started yet.

Arm Prep

Grab the exercise bar to warm up the muscles in your scap and rotator cuff then strap on 10-pound weights to strengthen and prep your decelerator muscles. You’ll then head to the Crossover Symmetry bands to bring all the tiny little muscles in your arm to life so that you’re capable of throwing the ball properly.

Plyocare & Crossover Symmetry Routine

Most days will include a plyocare routine. Grab the weighted plyocare balls and head over to the plyocare wall to perform different throws. Your plyocare throwing routine for the day can be found on your phone’s app. You may perform reverse throws, pivot pickoffs, roll ins and more. The plyocare balls train your arm to throw in a healthy way while infusing your throw muscles with power and speed to increase velocity.

Action (Throwing, Hitting & Fielding)

You’re now properly warmed up, so it’s time to throw or hit (depending on your program). Somedays, you may not throw or hit at all to give your body time to recover. Other days will be velocity days where you’ll be throwing different weighted balls as hard as you can at the Stalker rader guns. Or you might find yourself outside throwing long toss.

And some days you’ll be throwing a bullpen alongside a professional coach or taking live at-bats with the Rapsodo, Trackman and Hit Trax going. Everything is measured and nothing is wasted.

Arm Recovery

Arm recovery is a big piece of the velocity puzzle at Beimel Elite Athletics. After throwing, you’ll cool down with a series of band pull aparts, rebounders off the mini trampoline, an exercise bar routine, kettlebell holds and an entire set of recovery exercises on the Crossover Symmetry Bands. 

Crossover Symmertry strengthens your rotator cuff and scapular muscles while flooding your shoulder and arm with blood. This accelerates recovery to allow you to throw again as quickly as possible, but, more importantly, you’ll feel your arm growing stronger and faster over time. Eventually, the Crossover Symmertry Bands will have your arm feeling fast, fresh and moving independent of your body so that you can throw pro-quality pitches.

The Workout

Your trainer will load your workout onto your phone’s app each day that you walk into the facility. Each exercise has an online video to remind you of the movement, or you can ask the trainer for assistance with a new movement. And your program will be tailored to you and your goals, so you may not be doing the same workouts as your friends in the facility.

Some days focus on a foundation of pure strength with compound movements like deadlift, squat and bench press. Some days focus on speed-strength where you’ll move the loaded bar with furious speed while being measured by a Velocity-based Training device to ensure that you’re getting faster and stronger. And other days will focus on pure speed with jumps, sprints and medicine ball throws.

Depending on your body, you’ll find some days easier than others. You’ll also find some movements and exercises difficult while others come easy. But it’s your job to master what’s uncomfortable for the best results.


Last but certainly not least, it’s time to recover. Recovery is a big part of the Beimel Elite Athletics program so there’s are multiple rooms dedicated to it. Ask a trainer for stretching or cupping. Strap on the Normatec compression sleeves. Energize your cells with PEMF and Red Light Therapy. And challenge yourself in the 40-degree waters of the cold tub.

Use everything at your disposal in the recovery room to return to Beimel Elite Athletics the next day ready for another grind. This is how you make the most of your time to yield the best results.