College Recruiting Service

Pro athletes and certified trainers comprise the staff of Beimel Elite Athletics. Each has been through the college recruiting process, and with that experience comes wisdom. Take advantage of the Beimel Elite Athletics staff; our connections experience and advice.

Our college recruiting consultation service starts as early as freshman year of high school, and it doesn’t end until you achieve the college team of your dreams even if requires the stepping stone of junior college. And our staff maintains relationships with college coaches and programs all over the country.

But if you commit to the program at Beimel Elite Athletics for an entire uninterrupted year, then you receive all the benefits of the college recruiting service at no additional charge so long as you are still enrolled.


High School (as early as freshman year) through Junior College Graduation: $3,000

Senior Year of High School through Junior College Graduation: $2,500

Commit to one uninterrupted year of the BEA program: FREE so long as you’re enrolled

Quantified Recruiting with Tech

Rapsodo, Hittrax, Trackman and the Edgertronic Slow-mo Camera collect objective data to share with college programs so that your skills can be objectively assessed. Your hard work, determination and grit speak for themselves. 

This technology, coupled with video, helps the staff at Beimel Elite Athletics promote your ability to the most desirable programs in the country.



You’ll become a part of the Beimel Elite Athletics family should you enter the college recruiting program. Our trainers and professional coaches will witness your work ethic, we’ll get to know you on a personal level, and that will help us promote you to the most compatible college baseball programs in America. 

We’ll be on this journey together, invested in your success, and that guarantees the best results.

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