Hit Tracking

A swing is more compact than a pitching delivery but it is every bit as explosive. It happens fast and requires a professional coach to see each movement in real time. But Beimel Elite Athletics also uses the latest tracking technologies to help you develop the most powerful swing possible. Because swing power and quickness must improve to match the upward trend in pitching velocity.

Hit Trax

Beimel Elite Batting cages are equipped with Hit Trax machines that calculate exit velocity and launch angle; two incredibly important metrics in the modern game. You can even swing in different Major League ballparks. The Hit Trax machine will calculate exactly where your batted ball would land at Wrigley, Fenway or Dodgers Stadium. It’ll even display batter outs for hits against a virtual field of Major League defenders.

Blast Motion

Tracking the ball shows the result of the swing. Our Blast Motion sensors track the process. The sensor is attached to the butt of the bat and highlights your entire swing path to produce real-time metrics. These metrics can be slowly improved upon shorten your swing while increasing contact rates and power. If you can measure it, then you can improve it.

Hack Attack Pitching Machines

The three-wheel design of the Hack Attack Pitching Machines at Beimel Elite Athletics allows you to choose fastballs, curves, sliders and changeups without having to physically adjust the unit. The accuracy of the machines are the best in the business, and they are easy enough to move that one person can set the machine up. Hitting against elite pitching has never been so easy, and you can track your hitting attack against the machines useing Blast Motion and Hit Trax.

Tees, BP Balls, Screens & Stalker Radar Guns

Nothing can replace traditional batting practice. You’ll find sturdy yet easy-to-move screens and tees inside two batting cages at Beimel Elite Athletics. The dark hitters eye background makes it easy to see the provided hitting baseballs so that you can get your hacks whether your training alone or with teammates. And the Stalker Radar Guns will give you a precise an reliable exit velocity. They are the same guns used by professional scouts.

Professional Hitting Coaches

Coaches at Beimel Elite Athletics have years of professional experience and many of them are ex- or current pros themselves. And you’ll be surrounded by passionate hitters of every level – high school, college, minors and majors – so you’ll be able to glean wisdom from players at every level. Everyone in the facility is focused on getting better, so you’ll hear the place explode when you hit a PR on exit velocity.