Power Development

Power = Strength + Speed.Β 

There are no shortcuts to success. You must commit, train hard and grind towards your goals. The only way out is through.

But you can take the shortest route to your goals. You can choose to walk through the doors of Beimel Elite Athletics every day to be guided by cutting-edge science so that you don’t waste a drop of sweat spinning your wheels. Efficiency will drive you there quickest

Strength Training

Exercise science continues to evolve but there are some bedrock principles that will never change. Strength will never go out of style. The explosivity you need to throw, hit and run your fastest is built upon a foundation of strength. And strength training is where you’ll begin your journey at Beimel Elite Athletics.

Take advantage of the fully equipped gym inside our specified facility. You’ll find safety squat bars, trap bars and neutral grip bench press bars in the strength training area. Our strength training is built on major compound movements like the squat, deadlift and bench press. But your strength training will be supplemented with dumbells, cable towers, landmines and nordic curl machines.

VBT: Velocity Based Training

Once you’ve forged adequate strength, it’s time to slide down the speed-strength continuum to become explosive. At Beimel Elite Athletics, you’ll know just how much weight you can lift and how FAST you can lift that weight.Β 

We use Vitruve devices to measure you barbell speed on lifts like front squat, high back squat, sumo deadlift, standard barbell deadlift, neutral grip bench press and more. You’ll take some weight off the bar as you strive to keep your barbell speed over 0.8 meters per second.

You’ll eventually add more weight to the bar as your ability to move explosively increases. And you’ll be able to track your progress through your training app on your smartphone.

Pure Speed Training

The athletic continuum starts at pure strength and then slides over to speed-strength. The very opposite, at the far end of the continuum, is pure speed. And you’ll be performing explosive plyometric exercises to improve your speed to solidify a well-rounded athletic body.

Pure speed movements include sprints and jumps, but, at Beimel Elite Athletics, we take these exercises to the next level. You’ll use resistance bands to either slow you down or speed you up to imprint speed into your nervous system. And our program of box and cone jumps will develop stability, quickness, balance and coordination; everything you need on the diamond.