Recruiting & Signing

Everyone that walks through the doors at Beimel Elite Athletics has a goal. That goal might be to stay in shape for weekend warrior games. It may be to make a high scool varsity team. Or it could be to achieve a D1 college scholarship before going pro. And everyone’s path is different.

Take advantage of Beimel Elite Athletics recruiting and pro baseball signing advice. Our staff are comprised of athletes and trainers that have gone through the college recruiting and pro signing process, and they can guide you in the right direction. We boast a combined 50+ years of professional baseball experience.

Marketable Video & Metrics

The data collected by our Hit Trax, Rapsodo, Trackman and Stalker Radar Guns objectifies the recruiting process. Your exit velocity, true spin, break and ability to throw strikes are all captured and quantified. You know where you ability stands on a national level, and your data can be shared with college coaches and scouts around the world. 

The data can be combined with video to accelerate the recruiting process. Your skill set will be on full display in an easy-to-understand online video package that will yield the best offers for you and your future.

College & Pro Baseball

Beimel Elite Athletics is embedded into America’s baseball community. We maintain relationships with various college programs as well as pro-level teams all over the country. And, with hard work, you have the potential to attain your highest level of baseball through the metrics and videos collected inside the facility.

There are two different professional minor league systems – the affiliated ranks and the independent leagues. There is a path to the Major Leagues through either system.

Affiliated baseball is a bit more difficult to crack. Major League teams perform a draft every summer scouring the country for the youngest and rawest talent. But the MLB has recently cut dozens of minor league affiliates as it transitions back to a time when most minor league teams were independent. 

Independent ball offers an intriguing route for those not drafted young by an MLB team. The Major Leagues now funds four different partner independent leagues – the Frontier League, American Association, Pioneer League and Atlantic League. That’s nearly 50 rosters that feed players to the affiliated system throughout the summer and are thirsty for talent.

Beimel Elite Athletics communicates with MLB partner independent leagues; sharing updates, data and video of players as they develop inside the facility. And it’s not uncommon to be signed to an independent professional baseball team based on the advice of Beimel staff supported by data.

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