Employee/Intern Responsibilities & Intake Form

Welcome to Beimel Elite Athletics, our mission is to propel athletes to reach their highest potential in baseball though our elite performance training programs that incorporate the latest technology and techniques available to MLB. With over 60 years of combined professional experience and certified coaches, our expert staff provides personalized instruction while instilling a mindset of discipline, dedication and perseverance. We are committed to empowering athletes to become leaders
on and off the field, setting the foundation for lifelong success.

Expectations of Staff

1. A passion for baseball and a desire to develop skills in coaching or training.
2. Knowledge of basic baseball techniques and strategies.
3. Good communication skills and the ability to work with people of all ages and skill levels.
4. Knowledge of equipment maintenance and inventory management.
5. Flexibility to work weekends and evenings as required.
6. Ability to maintain a positive and respectful attitude in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.
7. Willingness to learn and take on new tasks assigned by trainers or coaches.
8. Strong organizational and time management skills.
9. Pursuing a degree in sports management, kinesiology, or a related field is preferred.
10. Previous experience playing baseball or coaching is a plus.


Coordinate your weekly schedule with the General Manager and communicate any schedule disruptions immediately. A minimum 2 week’s notice is required for all requested days off once a schedule is established. Please see the “Time and Attendance” sheet for more information.

Interns report daily to a senior staff member/supervisor. Shadow, ask questions and learn from your supervisor when no clear duties are expressed. Staff will share weekly and quarterly performance.

Responsibilites & Duties

You may have a specific area of expertise inside Beimel Elite Athletics, but all staff should be well-versed in every stage of training for ALL athletes. This includes:

  • Mobility Screenings
  • Arm Care exams with dynamometer
  • VBT set up and testing
  • Jump testing
  • Initial Velo Testing
  • Bullpens with Trackman and/or Rapsodo
  • Pitch AI
  • Hittrax setup and testing
  • BP and live ABs
  • Edgertronic setup
  • Catchers skills testing
  • Recording video for player profiles

While on duty, all trainers and interns are expected to actively observe the gym floor, warm-up areas, recovery rooms, cages and outdoor space for any adjustments needed to athlete form, safety protocols, athlete accountability, etc. Violations, concerns and/or observations in all applicable areas should be handled immediately according to supervisor instruction and reported to a senior staff member when necessary.

It is the intern’s responsibility to actively participate, learn and get certified in the areas relative to the daily programs followed by the athletes in BEA. When cleared by a supervisor, interns should be prepared and expect to be tested in any/all areas. Certifications and additional training may be available.


A minimum of 10 minutes is required for cleaning each day. A senior staff member can
provide specific areas of need for the facility to be cleaned if it’s not apparent.

  • Cleaning duties may include:
  • Take out trash in front of facility, bathrooms and recovery room.
  • Pick up any trash throughout the facility.
  • Replace paper towels, soap dispensers & toilet paper in bathrooms.
  • Vacuum warm-up room and carpet in main facility area.
  • Wipe down barbells and equipment.
  • Mop floors
  • Return recovery and all baseball equipment to designated areas.

Arm Care/Throwing Program

  • Take athletes through fresh exams and daily programs.
  • Introduce arm care prep: crossover symmetry (iso holds + grip), hip & core, arm primer.
  • Monitor and coach crossover symmetry warmups and plyo ball throws when asked or
    when lead trainer is occupied.

Strength floor and recovery room duties:

  • Make sure equipment is being put back after use (especially slide boards and lax balls)
  • Make sure athletes are following their programs, pressing complete on their lifts and
    inputting their weight properly on Traq.
  • Make sure athletes are completing their lifts in given time frame and following given rest
    periods/ speed at which they are supposed to be lifting (sticking to 0.8 m/s)
  • NO ego lifting or reckless behavior! Report to senior staff when needed.


  • Be prepared to administer any and all retests or screenings.
  • Take responsibility for athlete warm-ups and recovery.
  • Report directly to supervisor daily with any concerns or observations of athletes and
    facility needs.
  • Provide fun clubhouse-like atmosphere for athletes. 

Employee/Intern Intake Form

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