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“Data & Analytics driven Research & Development for the Testing & Manufacturing of Baseball Performance Technology”

Velocity is king. The average Major League fastball registered 90.9 mph in 2008. Today it’s risen to over 93 mph! The average velocity in the minor leagues is even faster. Scouts forecast that amateurs will have to sit at 97 mph while touching the 100’s to get signed in the near future. That’s simply where the science is taking the game.

Beimel Elite Athletics uses MLB proven techniques, cutting-edge technology, extensive scientific research and 30 years of combined professional baseball experience to build the athletes of the future.  Through hard work and dedication to the program, students become more durable, bigger, stronger, faster and more powerful. They may also see immediate gains in velocity, while improving mechanics and creating long term benefits in routine and recovery which may help prevent injury.

Initial Evaluation

BEA Trainer Brent Dean

Trainers at Beimel Elite Athletics include 13-year Major League pitcher and 20-year professional Joe Beimel along with 9-year professional and former UCLA catcher/outfielder Brent Dean.

All athletes begin with an on-boarding phase where they are evaluated on their mobility, movement patterns, throwing mechanics, and strengths and weaknesses with consideration to age and level of experience. You will learn the unique warm-up and recovery protocols before testing baseline velocity and athletic ability.

Build the Beast

Progress is recorded and calculated to ensure aggressive growth toward your goals.  You’ll start by learning proper form on all movements and lifts then to establish a well-rounded foundational strength.  Heavier lifts are balanced with velocity-based training to ensure maximum use and recruitment of fast-twitch muscle fibers making you a more explosive athlete.

The science is simple — mass equals gas. The heavier you are with lean muscle mass, the harder you can potentially throw.

No longer do high-level ballplayers train to be thin and run distance. No longer are pitchers considered non-athletes. No longer do overhead athletes only train with light weights and bands. The modern baseball player now trains harder, lifts heavier, runs faster and hits for more power. Accordingly, pitchers and position players alike are throwing harder than ever. Don’t be the one that gets overlooked because you’re simply lacking the tools. With data driven performance training, we can build your tools and create the elite level athlete. Bigger, Stronger and more Explosive.

MLB-grade Tracking Tech

Like it or not, analytics have infiltrated the game. They’ve brought with them pitching terms like spin rate, true spin rate, spin axis, trajectory and spin efficiency. Every Big League pitch is tracked, recorded and tested against these metrics using advanced tech devices. You’ll find that same technology inside Beimel Elite Athletics.

Using the Rapsodo Pitch Tracker, you can design elite pitches with immediate feedback on velocity, spin rates, trajectory and spin efficiency to achieve air-cutting movement into the strike zone. And you can use the data to stack yourself up against the world’s best Major League pitchers to chase perfection. There’s no guesswork. Instant feedback shows you just how nasty you’re becoming. That’s how Beimel Elite Athletics uses cutting-edge technology and emerging science to build the devastating pitches of the future.

Throwing Mechanics, Arm Path & Arm Care

Whether you’re a pitcher or position player, it is vital to learn proper throwing mechanics as well as the best techniques to develop consistency, increase arm-strength and durability.  Video analysis and data driven training give quantifiable and immediate feedback for long term success.

At Beimel Elite Athletics, we use unique warm up and recovery protocols to get your arm ready to throw and stay healthy. The days of showing up to the field and playing catch without warming up properly or doing anything to recover are over!  Athletes will perfect their movement patterns and remap a more efficient arm path to throw harder and use their body to its peak performance.

Commit to the challenge, get stronger and start throwing harder today


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